The California Cannabis Opportunity Report ("CCOR") is geared toward those looking to capitalize on business opportunities in California. It contains 200 pages of critical information for:

  • current operators getting ready for the regulated California market,
  • new players looking where to enter the California market, and
  • investors evaluating their California opportunities.

what specific topics does this report cover?

The CCOR is the most detailed assessment of opportunity in the California cannabis market. It includes the following sections:

  • Regulatory Summary
    • History of cannabis laws in California, an in-depth look into MAUCRSA, and more.
  • Market Analysis
    • Market size, scope, underlying local demand, and the financial aspects of cannabis operations.
  • Municipality Overview
    • Local ordinances, regulatory overviews, industry contacts, and an opportunity grade for every county in California and most major municipalities.
  • Operational Best Practices
    • Security, Product Management, Cultivation, Waste Management, Quality Assurance, and many other essential considerations in a cannabis business.
  • Progress Initiatives
    • How to include underserved minorities, social use, community engagement, integrated pest management, and organic practices in your plans for the future.

when will the 2018 Edition be available?

September 1, 2018

$349 USD

How much will the report cost?

Denver Relief Consulting, the Marijuana Policy Group, and McAllister Garfield, P.C.

 who wrote the report?

who funded the report?

This report was self-funded by the authors. No outside groups participated in funding in any way.