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Denver relief consulting

Since 2010, Denver Relief Consulting’s mission has been to cultivate quality cannabis operations and progressive industry leaders committed to advancing best practices and the perception of the cannabis industry. We work with carefully selected clients and partners to develop custom advocacy and business strategies based on models we’ve successfully implemented and continuously improve upon in Colorado and across North America. Through the promotion of government collaboration, industry best practices, hyper-compliance, environmental stewardship, and community integration, Denver Relief Consulting exists to further progressive, entrepreneurial advocacy in the pursuit of responsible cannabis policy reform.

Moreso than any other consultants in the industry, the Denver Relief Consulting team has promoted the need to normalize the cannabis industry and to be stewards of its progress, as well as of the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Denver Relief Consulting now has clients in 18 states, including Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Colombia, and Mexico. Their consulting services range through application submissions, facility design, development of policies and procedures, employee training, regulatory navigation, research and development, vendor relations, compliance, operational audits, and more.

Denver Relief Consulting has helped clients and partners garner top application scores in merit-based application processes in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, and Puerto Rico, while earning the second highest score in Florida. Denver Relief Consulting is also a founding partner in Cresco Labs, the largest medical cannabis cultivator and product manufacturer in Illinois; Silver Sage Wellness, a vertically-integrated cannabis business in Las Vegas, NV; and was recently awarded licenses to cultivate and manufacture cannabis products in Puerto Rico.

Principals at DRC sit on the board of directors for the National Cannabis Industry Association, Minority Cannabis Business Association, Resource Innovation Institute, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and more.

DRC research has been recognized by the The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, 60 Minutes, TIME, GQ, The GuardianThe Huffington Post, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, and several other state and local news outlets such as The Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and many more.


Marijuana policy group

Since its formation in 2013, the MPG has become the premier consulting agency for marijuana economics, business strategy, regulation, tax policy, market sizing, and analysis. The MPG was formed by a consortium of researchers and consultants from the University of Colorado and a Denver-based firm, BBC Research & Consulting.  The MPG serves business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, state agencies, including Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, municipal and county jurisdictions, and foreign governments. 

MPG experts are solicited regularly to speak at marquee policy summits and national debates.  These include the 2016 Cannabis Policy Summit, the National Debates on Marijuana Legalization in Mexico, to the Canadian Task Force on Legalization, and at the National Marijuana Management Symposium in Denver.

Due to their deep regulatory experience in marijuana policy, the MPG has advanced insight into modern marijuana business and regulatory environment – these insights are either absent or lacking in other consulting firms. 

Our experience helps our clients – to foresee, understand, and prepare for an increasingly complex future.

MPG research has been recognized by the Brookings Institution, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC Business News, 60 Minutes, The Huffington Post, CNN Money, and several other state and local news outlets such as The Denver Post.

McAllister Garfield, PC

McAllister Garfield, P.C. is a full service law firm that pioneers legal strategies and services for the marijuana industry. Beginning with the very first marijuana businesses that emerged in 2009, the Firm has represented hundreds of medical and recreational dispensaries, grows, infused-product manufacturers, and testing laboratories. The Firm currently represents some of the leading marijuana companies in Colorado and nationwide and represents a large number of ancillary and related businesses; including, lenders, investors, landlords, social media companies, trim companies, consultants, vendors, inventors, and packaging companies.

The Firm assists new businesses and investors in starting companies in drafting, corporate agreements, commercial leases and financing documents and providing legal advice on how to successfully obtain all required licenses. Beyond start-up, the Firm helps clients understand and maintain full compliance with the complicated rules in this highly regulated industry. The Firm also helps clients in maintaining and expanding their businesses; including, assistance in securing additional financial, drafting employment agreements, vendor contracts, licensing agreements and any other transactional work required of a growing business.

Additionally, the Firm is well-known for defending businesses against alleged rule violations and negotiating successful outcomes, at both the state and local levels. Specifically, McAllister Garfield, P.C. has the reputation for its willingness to litigate matters of importance to clients beyond commercial disputes, including pesticide recalls and the right of industry participants to file for bankruptcy. Finally, the Firm also has significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions, including the buying and selling of marijuana licenses and their related businesses.

McAllister Garfield, P.C. is continuing to help its clients expand their marijuana businesses into the more than 20 medical and recreational marijuana. Currently, the Firm is based in Denver, Colorado but plans opening another office in California by the end of 2016.