Assess the adult-use and medical cannabis business climate of a state worth $2.6 trillion per year in GDP.


The 2017 California Cannabis Opportunity Report is something new and comprehensive, going beyond surface-level state revenue projections and diving deep into the future of regulated cannabis in the world's 6th largest economy. This report contains 200 pages of in-depth analysis by some of the nation's leading cannabis operators, attorneys, and economists. 

The report includes state and local level opportunity analysis, market expectations, financial drivers, operational best practices, competitive considerations, and more. The report's municipal overview section covers all 58 counties and most major municipalities.


State & local analysis

This report includes a detailed overview of the state and local markets in California, providing insight into the history of the regulated cannabis movement, how politics are impacting current and future risks and opportunities, and what to expect from navigating the dozens of license types available in the years to come. Additional research and expert insight round out these sections to ensure you are prepared for success in what is certain to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The report is designed to empower cannabis industry participants to understand the political and regulatory landscape and to engage in local rule-making processes and advocacy efforts.

operational guidance

The only thing more difficult than understanding the expectations in the regulated cannabis space is to execute on them. This report provides guidance on ideal site selection, facility design, equipment selection, industry best practices, and capital and operational cost assumptions. Included is a summary of operational best practices regarding cultivation, processing, transportation, and retail businesses. Additionally, the pioneers of the world's first regulated social consumption policy offer their advice on what to expect when consuming cannabis in public is no longer taboo.



Measuring the market size and demand for cannabis forms the basis of any business plan. The California Cannabis Opprtunity Report includes custom cannabis prevalence models with the most accurate federal cannabis usage data. Our report provides California-specific medical and adult-use market size estimates and detail on which product types will account for the greatest share of retail sales. Understanding these key market metrics will greatly assist in positioning your business or investment in the appropriate market segment for you.



One thing is certain as the regulated cannabis market continues its dramatic growth and progress: an increasing frequency of competitors who enter the market equipped with seemingly endless resources. But access to financial resources won't be the only determinant of success. Understanding the rapid evolution of the regulated cannabis market, this report goes further by providing competitive advantage considerations and progressive initiatives that are certain to keep your business at the forefront of the movement and an asset to the communities in which you operate.

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